The Predator 2 Part I

Here is another sneak peek of the Predator 2 tactical shotgun from Shotgun Blasters.


This BR-99 semi-auto shotgun accepts 10-round MKA-1919 mags and is shown above in its CQB configuration. The Center Mass laser and 950 LM tac. light are easily activated by thumb from the hand rest.

A Leupold 1-4X optic with SABR (SAbot Ballistic Reticle) can be placed on the top rail for use in long-range shooting. I plan to use this shotgun in the above-shown configuration for security work.  The long-range configuration will be used for anything from anti-vehicle operations to hunting Hogzilla.

This is NOT a factory build with a few goodies installed on the rail. Shotgun Blasters had to perform some serious magic to make this configuration work to my specifications. So far, it’s a job well done and I’m looking forward to the first practice session.

Predator sound effect not included :)

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas