SHOT 2014 SWAG Giveaway

22 Jan

I brought home a ton of SWAG from SHOT 2014.  Over half a ton went to the wife, close friends, and business associates.  I kept a bit for myself, but still have a lot of good stuff left over.  So, what better to do with it than give it away to Texas Gun Show Review viewers?

First up is the GunBroker grab bag.  This collection of stuff includes pins, writing pens, patches, lens cloth, a cool 2nd Amendment poster, the official GAMO Outdoors show bag, and some other goodies.



I don’t have a box that fits this bag, so I’m going to ask anyone who selects the GB grab back to pay $5 to help with shipping costs, which include the box and packing material.

Next up is the Voodoo Tactical grab bag, which contains a cool Voodoo Tactical poster, a GunSite catalog and 2014 calendar, pins, writing pens, patches, the official GAMO Outdoors show bag, and more stuff.



Again, if you choose this bag, I’m going to ask that you contribute $5 towards shipping cost and materials.

For the Sig fan, I have a a P320 and 556Xi lens cloth as well as a Sig pin.  I’ll ship these to you for free.

For Marlin fans, I have a blue (XL) Marlin T-shirt.  I will ship this to you for free.

For Beretta fans, I have one 2014 product catalog on CD.  Free shipping.

And, yes, there are posters.  There are three posters that I want to ship to three separate people.

1 – Ted Nugent Kill ‘Em and Grill ‘Em poster (non-autographed).

2 – Autographed picture of Jessica Barton (promoting EAA) with 2014 calendar.

3 – Kahr American Girl poster (non-autographed).

Anyone requesting one (and only one) of these posters may also request any number of these additional posters.

a – MP-5 50th anniversary poster.

b – MP-5 9×19 carbine internal cutaway poster.

If you order the Kahr American girl poster, I will ship that for free since it came in a poster container.  All other posters will require that you contribute $5 towards shipping cost and materials.

Of course, if you are local to the D/FW area and we can arrange a meet, I’ll get the stuff to you for free.

Please email me at txgunshowreview [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like any of these items and thanks for spending time at Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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2 responses to “SHOT 2014 SWAG Giveaway

  1. Edward

    January 22, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    do you still have the…… For the Sig fan, I have a a P320 and 556Xi lens cloth as well as a Sig pin?

    • algorithmist

      January 22, 2014 at 7:55 pm

      Yes. Email me your mailing address at txgunshowreview [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll send it to you on my way out of town tomorrow.


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